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Teaching support


ILUSS teaching/learning material is the result of long experience in teaching foreigners and has been carefully tested in class before being used.

  • Our lessons use rich, interactive media to help you learn Italian in real-life situations.

  • Lessons are structured and easy to use.

  • Our web-based lessons focus on grammar, writing, vocabulary, listening.

  • Walk through key grammar, reading and writing topics.

  • Practice keyword memorisation using our flashcard tool.

  • Every ILUSS course includes a structured, step-by-step series of interactive course materials.

Our resources are designed from beginner to advanced level, they are available online for teachers and students any time of the day or night, students can log on at any time from any place, to learn at their own pace.

Grammar units
Each grammar unit consists of:

  • a grammar presentation

  • four or more interactive exercises

Reading/listening units
Each reading unit includes:

  • a text selected from books, current newspapers and magazines, or a radio/TV transcript

  • a possible audio recording

  • notes and vocabulary lists

  • four or more interactive comprehension exercises

  • new reading units are added periodically

Listening exercises

  • interactive exercises featuring simple sentences or longer texts

Vocabulary exercises

  • interactive exercises presenting new groups of words. Students' learning progress is monitored.

Specific subject units

  • reading/listening units on subjects like travel, business, food, wine, art, music, and more. Units include notes, a glossary and interactive exercises.

ILUSS learning archives offer:

  • online self-assessment tests

  • printable tests which teachers can use in class

  • 60 grammar units

  • 300 interactive exercises accompanying the grammar units

  • 50 reading units accompanied by notes and vocabulary lists

  • more than 400 interactive exercises in the reading units

  • easy-to-understand grammatical explanations

  • 70 vocabulary exercises

  • 50 listening interactive exercises (Mp3) - Streaming

  • 3.000 words used in the lessons and listed in the glossary

  • more than 250 links to sites for Italian culture, cinema, theatre, literature. art, etc..

  • more than 50 tips

  • fun learning activities

ILUSS units offer

  • Enjoyable introduction to Italian

  • Free self-assessment tests

  • A complete variety of teaching/learning resources

  • Online courses

  • Italian interactive lessons online

  • Four levels of tutorial lessons

  • Notes and interactive exercises

  • A large selection of in-depth exercises

  • Authentic texts

  • Structured lessons that are easy to use

  • Lessons which have been carefully tested in class before being used

ILUSS EDUCATIONAL enables members to:

  • increase the possibility of tailoring teaching to students' individual levels of skill

  • supplement grammar concepts presented in class

  • improve students' understanding and pronunciation

  • include ILUSS units in class curricula

  • use ILUSS units as home work

  • verify students' progress

  • expand students' professional libraries with specialised Italian texts and glossaries

  • offer an online preparatory course to students enrolled in overseas programs

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